Upland Software: Integrated Marketing Amid Rapid Acquisition

For Upland, acquiring new brands meant constant technology integration – and the need for discipline and process.

Upland is an enterprise software company with an ever-expanding portfolio of leading cloud-based products. Because they acquire multiple companies each year, they needed a streamlined and cohesive marketing approach to manage all of the moving parts across their different products and business units.  

Demand Frontier brought a marketing perspective along with the attention to detail and technical expertise Upland needed. Upland already had efficient procedures in place, but they were looking for an integrated solution that could provide them with more visibility over their many different units. Demand Frontier provided the necessary tools and insights to make the onboarding and management of separate brands into a seamless, straightforward process.

Demand Frontier migrated the disparate systems from acquired brands into a centralized Marketo instance that was integrated into Salesforce. Salesforce was then used to manage and execute daily marketing needs across all of Upland’s business units and products.

This helped streamline the overall process, and played an important role when it came to the migration and rebranding of newly-acquired brands, which often had to be performed simultaneously. Each acquisition had to undergo a complete rebranding to match the Upland look and guidelines.

With greater visibility over the data from all brands, Demand Frontier was also able to analyze the effectiveness of individual brand’s prior marketing programs and take components from the most successful ones to form a cohesive, highly-effective marketing strategy for the company overall.