FARO Technologies: A new perspective on a familiar scene

For public safety professionals, 3D technology can provide a much-needed, unbiased capture of data at the scene of a crime or accident. Demand Frontier used this insight to build a demand gen program.

For public safety professionals that specialize in crime scene and accident investigation, it would be hard to find tools more useful than those created by FARO Technologies, the leader in 3D scanning and data capture.

Partnering with Demand Frontier, FARO sought to educate an audience that was under increasing public scrutiny with a rash of tragedies that had communities on edge. Language and imagery needed to address our audience with the respect they deserve – but also raise an important question: are you prepared to capture crime scene data in a completely unbiased way? Are you prepared with technology to protect the public, serve the truth, and defend your teams?

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