FARO Technologies: A MAP Migration with a Marketing Perspective

FARO is a 3D imaging company that creates market-leading products for dozens of different applications, including public safety, forensics, and construction and manufacturing companies across the worldThey were in the midst of doing an overhaul of their marketing strategy when the global pandemic began. They needed an agency well-versed in MAP stack migration and CRM demand waterfall that could provide operational support and ensure their revenue-generating programs didn’t come to a halt in the process 

As a global company working in 7 different languages across dozens of different industries, FARO had a lot of complex data that needed to be migrated successfully. Everything – including assets, logic, and leads  had to be migrated from Eloqua to Pardot

Demand Frontier offered a unique approach as enterprise marketing experts with the necessary technical knowledge and skills. Demand Frontier was able to complete the massive migration successfully and did so with marketing and sales in mind. Everything was set up to ensure complete visibility of the demand waterfall for CRMs, so they could measure the duration and velocity of the leads as they moved in and out of programs 

Dedupe, Normalize, Standardize…

Then Demand Frontier began the de-duplication of the data using multi-tier processes, first by normalizing names and titles, and then further segmenting the titles into organizational and functional levels. That data was then translated into standardized name terms, so FARO could ensure they had clean and accurate data for all of their global programs.

Migration complete, without missing a beat.

At the end of the process, FARO had an efficient marketing automation platform and clean data, and they were able to minimize interruptions to revenue-generating programs during the migration.