Phillips 66 Lubricants: Integrating a MAP Program Increased Enrollments by 188%

We built a learning academy, integrated a Marketo nurturing engine, and created a recognition program – like a well-oiled machine.

 Phillips 66® Lubricants is an energy manufacturing company with Refining, Marketing, Midstream, and Chemicals expertise. Phillips 66 Lubricants focuses on marketing to and supporting their own national distributor network. 

To strengthen that network, Demand Frontier helped them establish the Phillips 66 Lubricants Academy in 2018. Though it is often overlooked, training serves a critical role in sales enablement. The Academy provides the latest product training through various course offerings in multiple languages, which allows sales to address their questions and go to market with a more comprehensive understanding. 

Demand Frontier helped them improve engagement with the Lubricants Academy by integrating Marketo with Schoox, the Academy’s learning management system. With Marketo, Phillips 66 can create themes and programs for the Academy. They can send participants personalized emails about their progress and set up triggers that send customized messages when they finish specific courses for a more unique and engaging experience.

Motivation in your inbox

Our team integrated Marketo nurture emails into the training and recognition communication sequence.

Scoreboards spur competition

Phillips 66 Lubricants partners could see exactly how they fared compared to their peers, pushing them to stay a step ahead.

This integration has significantly increased participation and engagement in the Academy. From 2019 to 2020, course enrollments went up by 188% and course completions by 285%. 

Demand Frontier also worked with Phillips 66 in to launch a Recognition Program for Academy participants in 2021. With more of the workforce moving online over the past year, the program leverages social media to facilitate engagement, with a meme generator for different courses and a leaderboard where participants can see how they’re measuring up against the competition. The meme generator served as a virtual “pat on the back”, which participants can use to share their success with colleagues and friends on social media. One week after the program launched, course completions were up by 53% from the week before. 

“We learn something new every day, but it’s clear to me that this is what the future looks like for marketing lubricants in the digital frontier. Demand Frontier is helping us write the playbook.” 

– Bill Brown, Phillips 66 Lubricants Director of Marketing Operations