There has never been a more turbulent time in the history of energy. The numerous pressures are changing the industry.  And if you look at every industry that has gone through disruption – technology powers the winners – period. Today, an engineered digital marketing engagement strategy is the solution.

Today, the energy industry fuels massive change, a welcome boost to the American economy, and new energy sources are just the tip of the iceberg. From lubricants to solar panels, water recycling to drilling safety, new industry technologies help keep the world’s lights on—and all at decreasing environmental and economic costs.

Yet, even as product development and operations technologies play leapfrog, energy companies risk leaving money on the table because their sales and marketing teams don’t have the same “technology first” mentality. As digital media technologies transform global business, energy—by and large—lags behind, stuck in a “trade shows and handshakes” ethos that has ruled the industry for decades

The pressure to transform

Today’s customer, whether he’s purchasing a car for his family or infrastructure for his company, is more self-directed than he used to be, so the research phase of any purchase takes up a greater portion of the sales cycle. When sales teams wait to be invited to the conversation, they engage far too late. An engagement marketing strategy powered by marketing automation technologies help sales teams engage buyers while they research. Technology-driven marketing organizations can harness the power of digital strategies to drive more leads, stronger relationships, and even greater revenue gains.

Energy companies feel mounting pressure on other fronts as well. As environmental concerns accumulate, public opinion turns sour, political obstacles can get in the way of doing business. To confront these challenges, the energy industry must use digital communications to engage the public in increasingly authentic and credible ways.

The solution for energy: an engineered sales and marketing engagement strategy

To bring energy sales and marketing teams into the modern age, look to the technology sector, which has turned lead conversion into a science. Today, it’s possible to engineer everything from how you escort buyers through the sales funnel, to the way your public interprets the news. Engagement Marketing can help you get more out of long-standing customer relationships, give potential buyers the information they crave, and align marketing with sales so that it contributes directly to revenue.

Making the case for engagement marketing

Increasingly complex energy technologies draw even the most loyal energy customers online, to seek out expert resources and content that can help them make sense of the landscape. This presents an opportunity for energy executives to be those experts, using a digital communications strategy to reach buyers as they research. Marketing automation is core to an engagement marketing strategy that enables marketers and sales professionals to manage their digital communications by providing actionable insight about each individual during their buying journey.

Enterprises around the world recognize that marketing is no longer only about eye-catching ads and artful turns of phrase. As engagement marketing practices gain a foothold in industry after industry, organizations must change to stay relevant and gain a competitive advantage.
Any steps you can take toward becoming an agile, analytical sales and marketing organization— engaging buyers wherever they congregate, and proving your revenue impact—are critical to the long-term health of your company.

Gradually, you’ll spend fewer resources running your sales and marketing organization, and more on growing and transforming it. Be sure to choose and invest in technology and consulting partners who are with you for the long haul.


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