Modern marketing teams face a paradox. There are more marketing analytics tools and data-driven solutions than ever before – but instead of making their lives easier – marketers feel overwhelmed. So much of what counts as content has become stagnant and uninspired.

Creative storytelling has taken a back seat; many in the field view content as something that only search engine algorithms should notice, and they churn out words for their own sake.
Compounding the challenges for marketers is that consumers are paying less and less attention. Globally, people’s attention spans have gotten shorter than ever. So how are marketers supposed to engage people when it’s harder to get their attention, and lead-gen teams are treading in a sea of information?

Our CEO, Todd Davison was featured on MarketingProfs discussing the challenges facing modern marketing teams. The components of a good marketing campaign can be boiled down into two core pillars: content and data. Every demand generation effort requires that marketers create on-point content and have the right data at hand – without these two pillars, it’s difficult to find success in today’s digitally-driven market.
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