When you have a small team with big goals, a nearshore marketing team can help you get it all done. Watch Silvercar CMO, Amber Quist, discuss how using Demand Frontier as an extension of their marketing team helps achieve their goals.


What are the biggest challenges to executing your marketing vision and plan this year?

“The challenges that we have this year, 2018, towards executing our marketing goals are really probably the same challenges that any young company has, which is time and resources. And frankly, that is really why we looked to Demand Frontier to be an extension of our team, to build that capacity that we don’t have.”

Can you give your perspective on Demand Frontier’s business model, work, nearshore marketing team and relative cost? 

“Working with a nearshore team has really been easy. The Demand Frontier team is always responsive and on top of any of our requests. In our technology environment today, it really hasn’t presented any inhibitors to getting things done.”

How is Demand Frontier supporting your marketing goals?

“Demand Frontier has been an awesome partner for us. They’ve been an extension of a really neat team here, which has been crucial for us to achieve the goals that we have set up for ourselves, especially as we look at 2018 and what we have to go create and do. It can be overwhelming! But when you know that Demand Frontier has amazing resources to really tackle all of the things that we’re doing in marketing, we feel much more at ease. And really they are on the same time zone as us, so in terms of working with the nearshore team, it has been an incredible experience, because the time zones are not a challenge; we are able to do more for less, incredibly efficient and really expands the bandwidths of the team we have here at Silvercar.”

– Amber Quist, Chief Marketing Officer, Silvercar.