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Rave reviews about Austin, Texas have been pouring in from top magazines and newspapers around the world for years.

Most recently, the city was named the #1 best place to live in America. Nicknamed the “Silicon Hills” for its hilly landscape and tech-forward initiatives, the city is a perfect mix of creativity & business. The laid-back culture, incredible street art, and delicious BBQ are just added bonuses.

Meanwhile, Medellin is rapidly growing a reputation for its impressive innovation as it becomes known as the Silicon Valley of Latin America. This year, Lonely Planet named the city the happiest in the world. A great place to do business and happy people - what more could anyone ask for?

With our business development HQ in Austin and nearshore team in Medellin, we combine the best of Austin's tech-forward culture with a large pool of professional talent amongst the brightest and happiest people on the planet. We found the best of both worlds.


Meet our Executive Team

Todd Davison

CEO Todd Davison
"We ain’t here to do small things."

Heather Davison
Chief Strategy Officer

Heather Davison Demand Frontier
"He’s my brother, not my husband!"

Alexandra Nisimblat
VP Client Success

demand frontier alexandra
"Wait, wait, wait… I have an idea."

Rooted in Austin, with seeds growing in Medellin and around the world...

Hear from our founders on why they chose nearshore location in Medellin – and why it’s a game changer for enterprise marketers.

“Hey, chica! Did you move to Columbia?”

And that’s the Facebook message that started it all. After having previously worked together for 15 years, Todd and Heather were ready to bring the dynamic trio back together for another exciting business venture. With that Facebook message, a new idea was born – and just a short time later, an entire near-shore team was developed with amazing talent from Colombian partnerships. (And thankfully, Todd has finally learned how to spell Colombia the correct way!)

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As sibling pioneers in the marketing technology and digital services niche space, Heather and Todd have been leading the pack of industry players for over 15+ years and are an unstoppable force. Together, they have formed deep relationships and partnerships with the leading marketing technology companies, consulting firms, and are trusted advisors to many of the best and brightest Enterprise Marketers today.

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There aren’t many people out there who can say they’ve dropped everything to start a crazy new adventure in another country. But these two, always craving challenging adventures, decided to follow their dreams of exploring and living in a new culture. Now, they’re bringing a paradigm shift to how Enterprise Marketing leaders enable their teams and strategy by providing a successful nearshore engagement and delivery model from Medellin.

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There’s nothing that can make a new friendship blossom quite like singing a romantic duet at a karaoke bar…or maybe that’s just the way Juan and Todd did it. Either way, singing “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” (Yes, Todd sang Willie Nelson’s part while Juan crooned the Spanish verse by Julio Iglesias) was what sealed the bond on their friendship. 15 years later, they’ve turned their onstage chemistry into a successful business partnership, as Todd provides onshore engagement, Juan creates nearshore opportunities. Now, if only they could learn how to carry a tune…

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Together, this group of four inspired friends have used their expertise in enterprise demand & digital strategy to build the first digital demand agency that specializes in enabling both marketing technology and digital growth strategies. As a team, they’ve worked together to combine the perfect mix of Austin and Medellin – the best of both worlds.

marketing and advertising agencies