Dark Social: How it impacts B2B Marketing & How We Can Help

Welcome to the fast-paced world of digital marketing! We’re sure you’re hearing more and more about Dark Social. If you haven’t, it won’t be long.

In this blog post, we will explain Dark Social, its impact on your B2B marketing strategy, and how to measure it. Plus, we’ll hint at how Demand Frontier, as one of the top digital marketing agencies, can supercharge your strategy.

What is Dark Social?

So, what’s the buzz about Dark Social? It’s all about private sharing. Forget about underground forums; this is all about sharing content in a way that cannot be tracked. And it covers various activities that traditional analytics tools often lack.

Think of messaging apps like WhatsApp or Slack, email exchanges, or private conversations on social media apps. It even sneaks into web traffic when someone clicks a link from a secure page. It’s your closed Facebook Groups or that hilarious meme shared just with friends.

The Significance of Dark Social in B2B Marketing

Dark Social is now essential in digital marketing and not just a temporary trend. As content marketing continues to evolve, companies must adapt to the changing landscape. Dark Social represents a change in how audiences consume and share content, making it crucial to incorporate it into their strategies.

As a marketing strategy agency, we acknowledge that we can’t ignore Dark Social. It’s a waiting opportunity to tap. To engage their audience effectively, companies must create customized content strategies and campaigns by understanding private sharing.

The Impact of Dark Social on Analytics

Dark Social is the secret agent of B2B marketing. It works hidden from regular analytics tools, messing up your data. Distorted analytics? We’ve all been there.

Let’s consider a scenario. Imagine you’re running a successful marketing campaign, and you notice a significant spike in website traffic. Traditional analytics may attribute this surge to direct traffic, but the reality might be different. Dark Social could be the driving force behind these hidden referrals.

And here’s where it gets tricky—distorted data can lead to misinformed decisions. If you think most of your traffic is coming directly to your site when it’s from Dark Social, you might allocate your marketing resources incorrectly. You could miss out on opportunities to engage your audience where they truly are—hidden in the shadows of Dark Social channels.

But here’s the secret motivator: Dark Social holds immense potential for your growth marketing strategy. Those messaging apps? They’re fast-growing Your audience is there, and we, as your b2b marketing agency, know how to reach them.

Strategies to Measure Dark Social

Now, the big question is: How do you reveal this information? Tracking Dark Social might seem a little bit challenging, but we got you covered.

  • Use URL shortens to make your links smarter.
  • Use the power of UTMs and referral links for precise tracking.
  • Dive into the world of social listening.
  • Make sharing easy with UTM-tagged buttons.

Demand Frontier Can Help

Dark Social isn’t just another buzzword; it’s the key to modern B2B marketing success. By understanding Dark Social, you’ll be able to reach new opportunities and gain insights into your audience’s preferences.